lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012

Abnormal writing for a minute or two

Hey, yo folks!,
I've decided to write an entry in English for a change, given the fact that I reviewed my readers, and I happen to have one that writes in English (I hope he does understand Spanish though, because I am not going to do this as often)
I am still waiting for my books to arrive-El James Fifty Shades part 2 and 3  (its about a month since I ordered them) and by this time of the month I don't have more money for buying more new stuff, what obliges me to either re read, or knitt or do something else.
Actually this is an interesting topic. Usually, if I manage to get to the payment day with money for the bus and metro, and for an eventual emergency I don't care much.
The fact is, that for different reasons almost 20.000 of my bus pesos are in limbo. Why? no idea.
15.000 are from a transaction I tried to make through my bank account online to my bip card (the card for paying the locomotion). Result: I have been calling, and went to the bank once also, to get that money or restored in my debit card, or at the bip card, but to my possession where it belongs in the first place. I don't know why, but just today they gave me a resolution time of 5 days, as if I haven't called two Sundays ago...
The other 5.000 and a bit more, were in my debit card before it got broken (in Chile some ATM cards work as Bip cards as well). That obliged me to order a new one, because broken they don't work as bip cards, plus I couldn't use it at ATM's.
The fact is that I have to wait for another week or so to get this money back in the new card. The result of all this: I am poor as a rat. I have to end this week with 4.000 (not enough for the locomotion of this week) and, forget about any other expense in the meanwhile. Thank God my job pays this Friday, otherwise I would become crazy or get skinnier. (This second chance seems better).
Anyways, as far as it goes, I've been working on the novel I promised. I am on the 35 page, and it already has some pinky notes on it. Its obviously not Shakespeare... but I never intended to be so.
As for the other wishes, I have to do research... I am considering taking pole dance classes as a morally inconvenient purchase. And a trip to Pucon or La Serena for a weekend could make it as a plane, weekend alone at a hotel.
I never included the gold ring, I guess that has to have an entrance of its own out of the list.
My small sister, well not that small, has her own list, available at her blog, on the right side as Vidas Urbanas :)
In the meantime, I still hear your comments my dears!!!!!
See you later with more Spanish spoken news
Ms. bus stop singer

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